Firefighters with the Erath Fire Department were called to the scene of a house fire in the evening hours of Friday, July 3rd. Investigators at the scene later determined that the blaze was intentionally set. The house, a mobile home, was vacant at the time of the blaze and there were no utilities connected to the structure.

Investigators determined that the fire was started in the bedroom. And after interviewing witnesses at the scene a suspect was developed. Officials with the State Fire Marshal's office, acting on information obtained from witnesses arrested 21-year-old Nikita Borque of Erath. She has been charged with simple arson.

Witnesses at the scene of the fire told investigators that Borque had expressed disapproval of plans that the homeowner, her aunt, had made to rent the trailer to a new tenant. Investigators, with the assistance of Erath Police, located Borque and questioned here about the fire.

It was during that questioning that Borque reportedly confessed to starting the fire. She was charged and taken into custody.

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