We are always on the lookout for that pot of gold, and it might be right under your fingers and you don't even know it. Moneywise just reminded me of some everyday objects that I might just think twice about before throwing away. They could be worth a lot of cash in a couple of years, and are definitely worth holding on to. Of course, nobody can predict the future, but isn't it worth a try?

  • Funko Pop Figures. Even though a lot of these are made, the figurines which depict pop culture celebrities usually only show up at toy fairs or Comic Con events.
  • McDonald's merchandise. And we're not talking about just the toys in Happy Meals. The hamburger giant has sparked some buyer frenzies in this past with discontinued items, including plastic straws.
  • Recent first edition books. Publishers might be reluctant to release a ton of copies until they gauge the popularity of the books. Save your hard covers, folks!
  • Cereal boxes. Nothing says 'pop culture' like what is on the cover of a box of cereal. And some of the vintage ones can go for up to $1,000.
  • First generation Amazon Echo. Might seem like a relic if you are fixing to upgrade, but remember - vintage is in, folks.
  • Election newspapers from 2016. The presidential election from that year was historic, to say the least, so don't use the papers from the day after to line your bird cage, because they are already worth about $30.
  • Insta photos. Think about the Polaroids that your parents took on that trip to Yellowstone decades ago. They are now worth a whole lotta money, and slides of that same trip could be worth more.
  • Nintendo DS. Gaming devices are gold, y'all.
  • Sneakers. Whether they are first edition or limited release, tennis shoes have always had a market for resale. And you might be shocked at how much some of them are worth nowadays.
  • Electronic devices.  Just think Ipod Shuffle or Sony Walkman

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