Northgate Mall in what's now referred to as "Upper Lafayette" near I-10 in Lafayette, Louisiana is a 50+ year complex located at 1800 Northeast Evangeline Thruway that has tried to make a comeback in recent years offering rental space at affordable prices to lure in local, especially minority, entrepreneurs. Oh, but in its heyday, it was the king of Lafayette.

Long before Acadiana Mall opened on the southside in March of 1979, Northgate Mall was the spot in Lafayette for great shopping and entertainment.

The beginnings of Northgate Mall

According to The Advocate, Northgate Mall acquired the property from Billeaud Development Co. in 1967. Its first lease was with K&B Drugs.

Northgate Mall in its heyday

Northgate Mall housed popular businesses like The Fair, Weingarten's, K&B Drugs, Montgomery Ward, Gordon's Jewelers, We Care Hair, Kay-Bee Toy & Hobby, Aladdin's Castle, Musicland, A&G Cafeteria, JC Penny, TG&Y Little Bill 33 Flavors Ice Cream Shop and more. At one point, there was even a local radio station studio located inside Northgate Mall.

Northgate Mall, Lafayette's weekend hotspot

Folks from every nearby community would pack into Northgate Mall on the weekends. It was new, exciting and the place to be. How many of you remember seeing the ballons on a stick that kids used to get free at A&G Cafeteria, a local cafeteria chain that started off as a sandwich shop called "Pig Stand"? Or the name of the first album you bought from Musicland? Your first Orange Julius?

The Death of Malls

Malls are becoming a thing of the past. Acadiana Mall, the mall that solidified Northgate's demise, is now struggling to stay afloat. Open-air shopping mall centers are the new thing.

Remembering Northgate Mall

For all of you who remember how exciting it was to jump in the car with your parents on Saturday morning for a day at Northgate Mall, this is for you!

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