With every crisis comes an opportunity. Sometimes the opportunities don't reveal themselves too clearly during times of confusion but in the case of the coronavirus pandemic, I think we've all had a minute or two to sit and think. One of the ways I believe we can take this mound of COVID-19 created lemons and turn them into sweet southern style lemonade is with our cameras.

While we have been asked to limit our travels and especially our exposure to others during this current health situation that doesn't mean you can't go places. Especially places that are outside, like Louisiana's State Parks. Right now reservations at our parks are being held for just you and I. That's right Louisiana State Parks are currently accepting reservations for in-state residents. So, if you've never been, you should go.

No matter where you travel in Louisiana this weekend or anytime over the next few weeks make sure you snap plenty of photos. When you upload them to your social media accounts make sure you use the hashtag #onlyinLouisiana. This way all of our photos will be collected under that hashtag for all the world to see.

Whether you're capturing the sunrise at Holly Beach, a flock of birds over the great Acadian Prairie, or maybe the boats coming into to Delcambre. Those images are pure gold to Louisiana's tourism industry. Which by the way has taken it in the shorts about as hard as our oil and gas industry has taken it here lately.

Tourism is Louisiana's fourth-largest industry. When guests can't visit we can't entertain. When we can't entertain we can't earn a living, but if you and I become tourists in our own state then we all win. Especially if we share the pictures and let everyone else know what they'll be missing if they don't book a Louisiana vacation as soon as they possibly can.


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