If you're the person who pays the bills in your home then you most likely cringe every time you have to buy groceries or gas up your car. Things have changed drastically for most people in Acadiana due to high prices on food and services and gas prices above four dollars a gallon.

How can you justify going on vacation if your budget is super tight? One thing that might work for your family is doing a staycation, but not just at your own home.

Take a chance on a different place that's not too far from where you live. Airbnb has some terrific offerings. If you want something on the water, there is an Airbnb rental in Cameron right on the beach. You could spend a few days enjoying the gulf, and with the amenities offered, you can bring your own groceries.

If you would rather get on the road to a bigger city, there are Airbnb rentals in New Orleans that offer spacious settings. By visiting New Orleans, you would be close enough to visit the Aquarium of the Americas. The Aquarium is also close to the Riverwalk Shopping Center. While you may not want to shop, you can certainly walk along the river and enjoy the scenery for free. New Orleans also offers more budget-friendly places to visit like the Audubon Zoo and the World War II Museum.

Depending on what kind of place you are looking to stay in and your price range for that stay, Louisiana has plenty to offer. The best part of a staycation is that your hard-earned money stays right in your own state. It's also a much shorter drive to get home than if you were going to travel say to the beach.

Money Tight? Have a Phenomenal Staycation in Louisiana

You can travel only an hour or two a find a new place to visit, explore and be able to spend time with your family.

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