It's a story that could qualify for the hashtag, Only in Louisiana. I mean, where else could you find a story of brave firefighters putting out a blaze on a historic steamboat? Yep, that happened and it happened in Louisiana, New Orleans to be specific, last night.

Here's what we know. About 8 pm last night New Orleans Fire crews received a call about a fire on board the Steamboat Natchez. The first crews to arrive at the Jourdan Road location got there shortly after 8 pm and they noticed a great deal of smoke coming off of the vessel.

As you might imagine, conditions were not perfect for battling a blaze. The confined nature of the vessel and the fact that the blaze was apparently coming from the ship's engine room made it difficult for fire crews to reach the source of the blaze and begin to extinguish it.

Crews battled the fire about an hour before it was determined to be under control. The cause of the blaze is believed to be connected to work that was being done on board the vessel in the engine room. Employees told fire investigators that they were "torching switchgear panels" in the engine room which likely caused the fire.

New Orleans fire investigators are reporting no injuries in the blaze.

The Steamboat Natchez has been a popular tourist attraction in the New Orleans area for decades. Many visitors and locals alike book river cruises that include brunch, dinner, or live music. Operators of the Steamboat Natchez did not say how long or if the vessel would be out of service. Those who hold reservations for upcoming cruises on the ship should call their tour operators for the latest developments.

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