What in the heck is this?

A fisherman recently spotted a very bizarre "thing" 40-feet up in a tree while out on the water in the basin.

Jamie Holford tells me that while he was out fishing near Henderson, he spotted something very odd in a tree.

As he got closer to the tree he says that he spotted a rusted barrel that had to be at least 40 feet up in the tree. But there's more to this, apparently, an artificial Christmas tree is wrapped around the barrel.

By the looks of it, the artificial tree seems to have been used to conceal the barrel that propped up in the tree.

Facebook via Jamie Holford

Has anyone else seen this and if so, what do you think it is? The fisherman says that he has no clue as to what this is in the tree or how it may have even ended up this high in the tree.

My speculation is if someone or something put this up in the tree, there did so to avoid being seen. Or did mother nature relocate these items in the tree?

Whatever the case may be, I am lost on this one. This may be our latest mystery from the Louisiana swamps.

Holford sent me the screenshot below and this is where the barrel and tree are located in the basin.

Jamie Holford
Jamie Holford


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