Former Louisiana Congressman Jeff Landry says he wants to be the next Attorney General of Louisiana.

The election will be held in the fall of 2015, but the former Congressman is making the announcement today as his first step towards preparing for his campaign.

The attorney says he will continue to fight for Louisiana's conservative values.  He says his experience in Congress, as a veteran, a former Sheriff's Deputy and policeman, along with his business experience make him a great advocate for citizens in Louisiana.

Landry says,

"Louisiana's next Attorney General not only needs to operate the office in a fiscally responsible and professional manner, our next Attorney General also needs to be an advocate for the citizens of Louisiana. Time and time again we are seeing major public policy decisions driven into our courts both with expensive mandates from Washington bureaucrats to other issues here at home. I look forward to putting my proven conservative principles to work for the people of Louisiana as our next Attorney General."

Landry says there is a need for change in the Attorney General's office.   Last fall, in an Op-Ed that ran in multiple Louisiana media outlets including several daily newspapers, Landry wrote about the small number of law firms seeking to profit at the expense of jobs and economic growth in the state by using contingency fee contracts approved by the AG.

Jeff Landry was named the “only honest man in Washington” by the well-known national Examiner newspaper for his decision to put conservative principles ahead of politics in Congress.

Landry says while in Congress he was a ferocious advocate of the Constitution, he worked for a national energy policy to increase domestic oil and gas production and was an advocate for reducing wasteful spending.

Jeff holds a Juris Doctor of Law degree from Loyola University. He holds a B.S. degree in Environmental and Sustainable Resources with a minor degree in Biology from the University of Southwestern Louisiana; a degree he used to support Louisiana’s oil and gas industry.

After hearing of today's announcement, U.S. Senator David Vitter had this to say,

"Jeff Landry is a strong, solid conservative. As a veteran, law enforcement officer, attorney, & lawmaker, he would be a very qualified AG."

After hearing Vitter's response, Landry issued the following statement,

“I want to thank Senator David Vitter for his kind words regarding my announcement today. Senator Vitter has been a tireless advocate for Louisiana and our conservative principles."