As I watched Joe Burrow guide the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL against the Green Bay Packers yesterday on television I could only think of just how much the LSU Tigers could use their former quarterback. Although I am not sure even Joe Burrow magic could have saved the Tigers from themselves on Saturday night. But we digress.

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Yesterday Burrow showed that he and the Bengals can stay with the NFL's elite teams like the Green Bay Packers. In fact, the Bengals forced the game into overtime. However, Aaron Rogers was able to guide Green Bay into field goal range to claim the overtime win.

Following the end of the game Joe Burrow met Aaron Rogers at midfield, the two exchanged pleasantries. Following that exchange Burrow went into the locker room and then was transported to a Cincinnati hospital for treatment of what is being called a throat contusion.

A throat contusion for lack of a better description happens when there is blunt trauma to the neck area. Boxers usually get this kind of injury more than football players but regardless anytime there is trauma to the neck it needs to be looked at.

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Among those who Burrow spoke with following the game was former LSU teammate Ja'Marr Chase. Chase told ESPN that the two discussed how the game could have gone better and he, Chase, did not detect any issues or difficulties that Burrow may have been having talking or using his voice.

Neither the Bengals, the NFL, or medical officials in Cincinnatti released any details on Burrows condition. Speculation is that the visit to the hospital was precautionary in nature. And, should there be an issue with Burrow's throat the most likely treatment option would simply be rest. However, that is all speculation pending confirmation of Burrow's condition by medical personnel.

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Up next for Burrow and the Bengals will be a game in Detroit against the Lions next Sunday. As of now, Las Vegas likes the Bengals by 3.5 points over the winless Lions.

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