Gary Williams would implement several changes to the police department for the fastest city in the state of Louisiana if he was elected the city's police chief.

One of those changes would include the creation of a smartphone application for the Youngsville Police Department, which would allow the agency to disseminate information to city residents. Williams said this application would allow residents to receive updates and alerts, and it would be monitored "24 hours."

But Williams is also promising a more open and transparent relationship with members of the media.

"The police department needs to talk to the media," Williams said. "Six words in my administration you will never hear: 'No one was available for comment.'"

Williams said it was "frustrating" that the department can not recruit and retains officers, despite Youngsville police officers being among the better paid officers in the region. Williams blamed a lack of command structure, and he promised he would not have a gatekeeper for anyone wanting to get in touch with him.

Williams also claimed the department is technologically behind, and he said some officers are still working with "floppy disks."

"You've gotta furnish these officers for what they need in their units," Williams said.

His message has evidently resonated with residents. Williams said he has walked more than 90 percent of the city by himself, knocking on doors and talking with voters.

Williams is one of three candidates in the field for the top job in the police department. Current police chief Earl Menard is hoping to reclaim his position, and Ricky Boudreaux is in the running as well.

The elections are Nov. 4.

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