Glenn Fleming joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today for 'Firearms Friday' and continued his message of firearm safety in the simplest of terms as well as applauded the Louisiana Legislature for passage of a lifetime concealed carry permit law.  Fleming recounted how he once got careless in the simplest of ways.

First let me say to always make sure you have the proper ammunition loaded into your weapon.  When I first started gunsmithing I reached into a pile of 30-06 rounds to test fire a 30-06 gun.  Fired the gun and it felt a little funny and saw the gun's case neck was split.  I pulled another round from the pile and apparently some body had reloaded the 30-06 cases with 25-06 rounds which are smaller so the round just kinda wiggled down the barrel.  Always make sure you have the proper ammo for your weapon.  In this instance nobody got hurt, the gun wasn't really hurt but it could have done both.

On the legislative front Fleming said,

This week the Louisiana Legislature passed into law the lifetime concealed carry law which means for a $500 fee you can get a lifetime permit and only have to certify with a concealed carry class every five years.  After the Governor's signature I think it will be about six months before you can actually get the lifetime permit.

Fleming noted that the Legislature is set to vote on relaxing the NFA (National Firearms Act) paperwork which will relax ownership of machine guns and noise suppressors, both of which he approves of.  Fleming said machine guns are only used on the firearms range and suppressors are useful to reduce noise volume while target shooting or hunting.

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