Governor Edwards announced the Phase 3 guidelines for Louisiana at a press conference today. He later went to Twitter to deliver more information on his announcement and also is urging people to be realistic as Phase 3 may be where Louisiana stays until a vaccine is widely available.

You can see one of @LouisianaGov 's Tweets below, as there were many in the thread that he posted to Twitter today

Governor Edwards explains that if there is a spike in cases seen, the state could be forced back into a Phase 2 that entails even more restrictions. He also said that people should be realistic in that Phase 3 could be where we exist for the foreseeable future.

How far in the future is that exactly? Governor Edwards says that is not until a vaccine is widely available.

Just today, Dr. Fauci appeared on @CNNPolitics where he said the following...

By Dr. Fauci's expert opinion, things may be back to normal for another year or so.

It will be interesting to see how Governor Edwards proceeds in the coming weeks as there is sure to be backlash from both people and businesses that are negatively effected by the State's current guidelines of Phase 3


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