Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter says he was very pleased with the visit of Governor John Bel Edwards to his town.

The Governor went to visit several flood damaged homes, he spoke to several residents who are working on repairing their lives, and he listened to the needs of Youngsville for infrastructure repair.

Ritter said in an email,

"We are very grateful that the Governor chose to visit Youngsville to meet with our residents and check in on our recovery. We are working very closely with government at all levels to provide information regarding rebuilding and recovery. The Governor and his office have been very responsive and I am thankful for his leadership in this time of need."

Governor John Bel Edwards was only scheduled to spend 45 minutes in Youngsville, a town that saw close to 650 homes flooded out, but in the end, Edwards spent nearly two hours in the community get first hand information about the recovery process.

Ritter says he took the opportunity of Edwards’ visit to talk to him about recovery money that is needed to fix infrastructure that was damaged by the flash flooding.  He is hoping the state can help Youngsville make the repairs.