Two members of the Lafayette City Council are seeking support for a local mask mandate in Lafayette. The state of Louisiana already has a mask mandate in place but council members Glen Lazard and Nanette Cook want to bring that mandate and the enforcement of it down to the local level.

Apparently, Lafayette-Mayor President Josh Guillory feels differently on the subject. Let me be clear here, Mayor-President Guillory is not saying don't wear a face mask. He wears one when he is supposed to wear it and when the mask isn't necessary he doesn't. But based on comments he made at a Thursday night meeting in Lafayette he doesn't feel the need for the local government to step in and force the issue.

Here are Guillory's words, as reported by KATC Television, from the Thursday night meeting of the Acadiana Patriots.

When I'm sitting right there and I'm around folks, it's my duty, my personal duty under a world pandemic, I'm going to choose to wear a mask and that's what I do and that's why I carry it around. I don't need the government to tell me that and you don't either.

Basically, Guillory believes in the use of face masks and that they might help save lives during an ongoing pandemic. What he doesn't believe is that the government should have to tell you to wear one.

Many people in our community disagree with that philosophy. A locally based group called Mask Up, Y'all seems to believe that not enough people are understanding the importance of using face covering to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

Peter Gurisco of Mask Up, Y'all recently lost his father to complications from COVID-19. He had this to say about his meeting with Guillory on the subject of a face mask mandate.

He (Guillory) said what we're doing now is good enough for the community, which is something I strongly reject and it's something that is just unacceptable

Gurisco's words were chronicled in a report by multi-media journalist Eman Boyd on the KATC website. 

Gurisco said his group will continue to speak with business and community leaders hoping to garner their support for if not a local mask mandate, perhaps greater enforcement, and participation in the current statewide mask mandate.

In my feeble mind, I'm only a disc jockey, not a politician or medical professional, the whole face mask issue should be addressed as a dress code. There is already a precedent that some businesses won't provide services for people who aren't wearing a shirt or shoes. Some restaurants won't seat a gentleman patron for a meal unless he is wearing a jacket.

Do you see people losing their minds over these "restrictions"?

Of course, you don't because wearing a shirt or shoes or a jacket at dinner isn't a matter of life or death for some people. However, wearing a face mask in public places most certainly could be. To me, this is about respect on both sides of the issue.

Since we're on the topic of not exactly following the rules.

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