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Well before the first brown leaf hit the ground this year, many among us were ready to start decorating for Christmas. If you count yourself among these early yuletide lovers, but don't have quite enough space for the tennenbaum of your dreams - it's time to consider a half-tree.

This isn't some discounted, factory second tree - it was made like that on purpose.  When you put up this beautiful (from one side) tree, it's supposed to go up against a wall.  You get the illusion of a full, pre-lit tree and more floor space.  For folks in tight spaces, or for those who hate decorating the backside of the tree because no one is going to see that side anyway - this could be the perfect tree.

Just because it's half of the tree you're used to, don't start thinking it's half-price.  This Christmas-time engineering marvel is retailing at Hammacher Schlemmer for $249.95.  You can buy it here, and they give you the choice of a classic green tree or a pure white one for the same price.  That means for around $500 you could get one of each and two-tone it this Christmas if the spirit moves you to do so (and your wallet allows it).

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