I have a deep respect for law enforcement officials because they are always the people that we call for help. I really appreciate the countless hours that detectives spend on cases. One such case resulted in a victim being able to recover stolen property thanks to the detective's hard work.

Acadia Parish Sheriff K.P. Gibson's Office reports that a Crowley man has been arrested for stealing several items of property from a woman who lives in the northeastern portion of the parish.

The woman called into the sheriff's office after something was stolen from her home on Tuesday, September 14. Apparently, someone had taken a welding machine. In the course of talking to the one, the deputy asked the woman if she could think of anyone who might be responsible when she said it was possible the person who maintains her lawn could have done it.

The victim then explained that she previously had noticed that other things were also missing. She provided the serial numbers of the items to the deputy who then found that one of the items had been sold at a pawn shop. With the other serial numbers in hand, the deputy was able to find thousands of dollars of other items that had also been stolen.

Sheriff K.P. Gibson says,

"I appreciate the efforts of the deputy by following up on this case, which led to the arrest and recovery of several thousands of dollars worth of property. I would also like to add that the victim's maintaining records of serial numbers and photos also played a major role in the property being recovered and identified.

In addition, to the welding equipment, it is also alleged the man had stolen power tools.

The suspect, Chad Paul Lavergne was charged with Theft and Burglary, and then he was booked into the Acadia Parish Jail.

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