While the Saints and Buccaneers may be NFC South rivals on the field, it was all love after the game on Sunday.

Halloween set the stage for one of the wildest home games in recent memory. For the first time since bouncing New Orleans out of the playoffs (and marking the end of Drew Brees' career) the Tampa Bay Buccaneers returned to NOLA to face the Saints.

It was a thrilling Sunday afternoon in the Caesars Superdome, but the Saints ended up pulling off the win in a game that cost them quarterback Jameis Winston for the season. I can only imagine that as excited as Saints fans were, it was quite the opposite feeling for Buccaneers fans who were not expecting their golden boy Tom Brady to lose to a guy named Trevor.

But there we were, second-lining out of the Superdome like Saints fans do after a big victory in our home stadium. The party was lit under the Claiborne bridge as locals danced in the streets to HaSizzle's NOLA anthem "Getcha Sum"—calling out Bucs fans who were already making plans to lick their wounds at the bars on Bourbon Street.

But one Bucs fan fell on even more bad luck. As the tens of thousands of people emptied out of the dome, his electric wheelchair scooter lost power (and he was a long way from his hotel).

Taryn Hallal was walking down Poydras and witnessed a small group of Saints fans who realized what happened to the man. Did they take the opportunity to pile on the Tampa Bay fan who sat stranded in his Bucs jersey?


It was quite the opposite as Hallal says the men opted to push the stranded Tampa Bay fan ALL the way down Poydras street until they got him to his hotel. To put things into perspective, it took three grown men to push the wheelchair and they traveled no less than a half-mile over six blocks to get him to his final destination.

When I say these guys were SWEATING and so out of breath the entire time, that would be an understatement.

"Heartwarming" is the perfect word to describe this video.

While we will undoubtedly continue to talk trash to our "new" rivals (did you know the Bucs are the most hated NFL team in Louisiana?) let this video be a reminder that we're still human at the end of the day and regardless of how much hell we give you online, on the field or in the stands, we're a fanbase of good humans at the end of the day.

Lord knows we're familiar with what hardships look like, and more importantly, we know what a helping hand feels like. Hell, for all we know these Saints fans may have ragged this guy all the way down to his hotel, but nevertheless, they simply did the right thing.


Facebook[/caption]Bravo to these men and all I can think about is how amazing it would be to share this video until we identify these good samaritans and give them a huge WHO DAT "thank you" for representing the fanbase with such class.

Smash that share button—but don't get it twisted, we're still coming for the Bucs in Tampa this December.

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