I rarely watch award shows but last night I watched the beginning of the Grammys and had quite a shock.  LL Cool J was hosting and came out to start the show with a prayer due to the passing of Whitney Houston.
Amazing!  Some governmental meetings, high school football games and other activities are not allowed to start with prayer due to the ACLU but yet Cool J comes out and starts with a prayer!

As my headline says I hope the ACLU wasn’t watching because the Grammys will probably be taken to court.

Almost every head was bowed while Cool J prayed.  I was impressed that this group of left-wing liberals actually knew the protocol for prayer.

I don’t think the Grammys knew Cool J had this planned or the lawyers would have put a stop to his plans.  I never thought I would write this, but I applaud Cool J. for his moxie.

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