The American Hotel and Lodging Association announces the “No Room for Trafficking” campaign aimed at helping hotel workers recognize the warning signs to look for when dealing with potential human trafficking situations.  AHLA President and CEO Chip Rogers says in 2018, Louisiana had 149 cases with 19 of those in hotels.

“Louisiana is the host to all sorts of major events, specifically in and around New Orleans, and when we see these large events, that’s where we see the human trafficking spike,” said Rogers.

Louisiana has a voluntary training law that creates a general plan and overview for the hotel industry.  Rogers says there are signs hotel guests can be on the lookout for as well.

“Some of the basic things are relationships that just don’t seem right, they seem improper, a guest room where people are frequently coming in and out of that guest room and a large number of people, guests who are exhibiting signs of neglect or abuse,” said Rogers.

Since 2007, the National Human Trafficking Hotline reported that 756 total cases and over 2,700 contacts came from Louisiana.  Rogers says the hotel industry is doing it trying to combat the crime and suggests that other aspects of the tourism industry should as well.

“Whether it is hotels, or vehicles, or airplanes, people are moving in and out.  If you are coming into contact with human trafficking, you need to be able to know the signs and report it,” said Rogers.

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