Some people can make great gravy and others are not so gifted.  But it doesn't have to be that difficult.  Stu Gonsuron, resident food expert on the Afternoon Drive Home, stopped by for a chat and talked us through the process.

Stu told us that one of the best things that you can do is to get your skillet really hot and cook your chicken or whatever meat you are working with really well.  Then, he went through the steps, including using oil, onions, peppers and celery to make your gravy.  While using flour is a good idea, Stu tells us that you don't want to use too much.

If I'm using a quarter cup of oil, then I'd say that probably I'm adding about two tablespoons of flour.

Stu reminded us that when you are doing this to make sure you allow yourself the ability to experiment and make it your own.

If you'd like to hear all of Stu's tips, listen to the entire conversation below.

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