With lent upon us, for many there is a focus on what you can eat.  For many, they turn to seafood and fish.  Stu Gonsuron stopped by the Afternoon Drive Home to talk about it.  Gonsuron said one of the biggest things to remember with any seafood is not to overcook it.  Gonsuron said,

One of the things you have to think about with seafood is that there's so much water inside of whatever you are cooking that when it hits that skillet or deep fryer or whatever you are cooking it in, that water inside is going to instantly start to steam and cook it really, really quickly.

He said you need to avoid overcooking it because it ruins the meat.

When it comes to fish, you need to get something that is fresh.  That includes clear eyes, bright red gills and the skin needs to be smooth and not too slimy.  Gonsuron said,

You don't want the fish to smell like a Carnival Cruiseliner that's been stranded out to sea for a while.

Gonsuron also mentioned that you can marinate fish, but you need to use something a little lighter and you need to make sure that you don't marinate for too long as fish will take to a marinate very quickly.

To hear more of the interview with Stu Gonsuron, listen below:

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