For many people, they know how to use the microwave or the stove top, but the oven is something that many people really only use every now and again.

Stu Gonsuron stopped by the Afternoon Drive Home with some tips to help you make better use of the oven, apart from using it as additional storage space.

Gonsuron said that there are some clear things you can do every day to help make things easier for you just by using the oven.  He suggested making some meals ahead and using the oven as a way of warming things up.  For many of us, we know that it is better than using the microwave and if the food is already prepared, it is a simple thing to throw it in and warm it up for a while.

Gonsuron also said that the most warm part of the oven might not be where you think.

The hottest part of the oven is the top rack.  So if you want something to cook nice, slow and low, keep it on the bottom.

He also mentioned that the broil option is great for finishing out steaks and doing other things to get a lot of heat in a short amount of time.  Gonsuron also mentioned that you need to stay close and make sure that the vent is clear so you don't end up starting a fire.

Gonsuron said that you also need to watch so you don't overcrowd the oven with too much.

So what can you put in the oven that you wouldn't normally think about?  Gonsuron mentioned that he will cook some pork medalions in the oven after searing them on the stove top.  He also mentioned that you can use it for fish, or even rice.

Gonsuron mentioned that it is a good idea to get the right kind of pans in order to use them in the oven.  He mentioned that restaurant supply stores would have a wide selection of items that would help you pick out the right pans and cooking sheets.

Listen to the entire conversation with Stu Gonsuron below:


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