For some, they have their system down to a science.  For others, you might just need a little help.  That's why Stu Gonsuron stopped by the Afternoon Drive Home to share some tips for your Crawfish Boil.

Gonsuron said that one of the most important things for you to remember is that you need to have enough for the people that you have invited to your crawfish boil.  He said,

4-5 pounds per person is typically what you want to go for.

Gonsuron also said that if you don't have a seasoning mix down yourself, go for one of the ones you find in the store.  Gonsuron added,

The manufacturer has some directions on how to season that.  Trust me, they want you to keep buying their product...They want that food to be really tasty.

Gonsuron added that many people don't feel they should do that, but he said that it will generally turn out great when you do that.

Check out more tips from Stu at his website this week.  And, to listen to the entire conversation with Stu Gonsuron, click below:

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