There has been a lot of talk about game meat and how people enjoy it, but if you don't know how to cook it, you could find yourself ruining what would otherwise be a great meal.

Stu Gonsuron stopped by the Afternoon Drive Home and talked about the best way to make game meat work for you.

Gonsuron said one of the first things to remember is that since the meat is wild, it is very different than what you buy at the store.  If the meat has not been processed correctly, it could get gamey and there are ways to combat that.  Gonsuron said,

A good way to combat that is actually soaking that meat in some salt water or milk...Essentially what you are doing is trying to draw the blood out of that meat.  That's where the gamey flavor comes from is the blood that's left in that meat.

Gonsuron said that while it is similar to a brine, you need to salt the water a little less.  He also said that you need to change out the water every 4 hours over a period of 24 hours.

After that, Gonsuron said that you need to let it sit for a little while longer.  He said,

Let it sit in the fridge maybe for another day and let it sit and dry out a little bit.

Gonsuron said that the key to it is planning ahead.

He also said that marinating it would be a good option.  His best suggestion is to include apple cider vinegar along with olive oil and whatever seasonings that you would like.  If you plan on marinating it, plan around another 12 hours so that the meat takes the flavor of the marinate.

As to cooking it, there are several options.  Gonsuron suggested that you could do it on the grill or maybe in a smoker. Gonsuron said,

Low and slow for larger cuts of meat.  For steaks and smaller cuts of it off at about medium.

And, unlike many of the food and cooking shows that suggest you let meat rest after you cook it, Gonsuron suggests that you serve game meat up right away as if you let it sit, it will tend to get a little tough.

To hear more from Stu Gonsuron, listen to the entire interview below:

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