It’s Prom season and that means the boutonniere stress levels rise. After pinning many boutonnieres on for my two sons, it still doesn’t come easy. Think about how many times someone says, “Can you pin this for me?!” I know I still say it. If I would have known these tips before, it would have saved me a lot of time and stress. Oh, and the flowers wouldn’t have been droopy in all the photos. There are two things you need to know when it comes to attaching the boutonniere. Where it goes and how you attach it. A video and explanation on Lin & Jirsa website shows us three easy steps to attach the boutonniere.

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Where exactly does it go? The boutonniere is always placed on the LEFT lapel. A tip to remember that is the L’s. Left side and on the lapel. Place it parallel to the edge outer seam, and right in the middle of the two seams. Just align the boutonniere in the center of the lapel under the notch in the lapel. Some jackets have a buttonhole on the left lapel to drop the stem of a flower in. Now, some jackets don’t have the holes anymore. Fun fact, that is where the name comes from. Boutonniere derives from the French word ‘Buttonhole Flower’.

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Now that we know WHERE it goes, HOW do we attach it? A really cool hack for applying it, is to first fold the lapel over the boutonniere like a taco. (The lapel is the shell and the boutonniere is the meat). The biggest mistake is putting the pin through the front of the lapel. You should put the pin through the BACK of the lapel, going away from the chest. You can pin straight down the stem. The key for stability is to put the pin through the thickest part of the stem. This will help keep the flower falling over. If the boutonniere is larger or heavier than normal, you may need extra pins for more stability. After the pin has gone through the stem, be sure to bring it back through the lapel fabric so the tip of the pin is behind the lapel. Both ends of the pin should be behind the fabric of the lapel so that only the boutonniere is seen on the front.

Here are the THREE EASY STEPS to pin the boutonniere:

Step 1: Place the boutonniere on the left lapel as described above.

Step 2: Fold the lapel over the boutonniere.

Step 3: Slide the needle downward into the back of the lapel.

We all love the boutonniere because it adds that ‘southern charm’ to the guy’s suit or tux. Since we love it so much, we need to get over the fear of putting them on.

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