Jeanerette Mayor April Foulcard, and her brother,  Iberia Parish Councilman Berwick Francis were indicted by a grand jury in Baton Rouge today for a Medicaid fraud scam involving their home health company, JABA Enterprises.

Among the claims made by Louisiana Department of Health officials, the company's employees reported 800 hours of work that was not completed; JABA directly billed Medicaid for more than $1 million instead of the state (which violates state law); and the company had failed to produce adequate documents regarding many patients in the company's care.

The sibling pair was indicted today for charges including racketeering and fraud.

According to our news partners at KATC, an audit found JABA directly billed Medicaid  $18 million in claims during a four-year period from 2012 through 2016. More than $2.6 million of those claims were rejected. The rejections prompted the audit.

Last summer, agents with the state's Medicaid Fraud Task Force arrested seven employees of JABA.

Also indicted were several of the pair's family members who are also involved with the company.

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