As health officials in Louisiana continue to monitor the potential for a post-holiday surge in coronavirus cases in the state many private and government entities are taking steps to mitigate the spread of the disease. On Monday, we told you of plans in St. Martinville for the Police Department to close their lobby out of concerns over COVID-19. Today, we are getting a similar message out of Iberia Parish.

Sheriff Tommy Romero made the announcement yesterday that the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Patrol Office on Providence Street in New Iberia would be closed to the public. This means there will be no walk-in service available. However, it does not mean that IPSO won't be there to assist should you need them.

Sheriff Romero said non-emergency calls to the department will still be answered and deputies can arrange to meet with citizens in a parking lot which is next to the patrol office. You'd simply need to dial (337) 364-3711 and IPSO will take care of the rest.

This closure, as well as the one in St. Martinville, are just some of the interruptions in regular services that are the result of an overabundance of caution where COVID-19 is concerned. Although, coronavirus was not specifically mentioned, OMV offices in Lafayette and Bunkie have also been closed on a temporary basis.

By the way, should you have an emergency and need law enforcement or fire or medical services, you may still dial 911.

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