One of the nicest persons you'll meet in South Louisiana is KATC's Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo, but even he has to address those who are a bit too vocal on social media or in Messenger.

When you're in the public eye like Rob is, you'll hear the criticism and name-calling, but after many years in the business, those roll off your back.

However, sometimes some on social media go too far with their critiques, name-calling, threats, and/or displeasure and that is when the "Block" feature becomes your best friend.

In a recent social media post, the local meteorologist addressed how he has had to block some from his social media page regretfully.  Look, meteorologists know that they will at times miss a forecast, things change and they can change fast in the weather world, but when viewers get personal about it, sometimes it is best to move on.

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Rob expressed how much he enjoys educating viewers on various topics and his expertise should never be questioned. He has studied many areas of meteorology and Rob is considered one of the best in his field by colleagues around the country.

Still, that isn't enough for some on social media and apparently, they think they have a better understanding of the Science that goes into what Rob talks passionately about.

Does Rob Perillo expect you to always agree with him? Absolutely not, but when things get personal that 'Block" button can be a great feature on social media.

Here's Rob's explanation as to why he has had to block some on social media while trying his best to inform and educate those in the community he truly loves.

I want to note here that since posting what you see below, Rob has received nothing but praise and support from so many and he has expressed his gratitude.


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