We've heard the story that Coach O told to Sports Illustrated about the recruitment of Joe Burrow. But it's actually way better than that.

Burrow was a transfer from Ohio State that was looking at committing to Cincinnati. It was a hometown team, with a former Ohio State assistant coach Luke Fickell as the coach there. He took a one-day trip to Cincinnati, and then went down to LSU.

Being blown away while talking offense to Coach O and offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger. But what probably didn't hurt, was the food that they ate that night.

All Coach O told Sports Illustrated was Joe “really liked the crawfish” at a notable Baton Rouge restaurant. However, there's more to the story, and thankfully Joe Burrow decided to tell it.

Coach O isn't a stranger to feasting on Louisiana favorites while visiting with recruits. But to take it this far is another level. Coach O level.

Obviously, we know the now Heisman trophy-hopeful decided on LSU.

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