In Illinois, two 13-year-old boys, Jude Peterson, and his friends were running a lemonade stand in their yard to make some cash when they were robbed. Luckily, the neighbors provided surveillance video which shows two males who appear to be teenagers walk up to the lemonade stand and one of them pulls out what looks like a gun then quickly takes the cash that was in the box at the lemonade stand. There was about $30 inside the cash box.

According to, Jude’s father Nathan said the situation was terrifying but very moved by how the neighbors responded. The neighbors wanted to help in any way they could. Some bought a glass of lemonade for $20 to try to help the boys out. The community also offered emotional support for the boys.


One guy came back like a half-hour later and he had all these bags of chips and candy and everything and he’s like hey you can sell this at your stand and help set it up.    – Nathan, Jude’s Dad.

Nathan Peterson posted a photo on his Facebook page of the community support as the boys continued their lemonade stand.

Luckily, no one was injured. Hopefully, the video will help these guys get caught and something is done for the crime they committed.


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