A Kaplan group has knitted thousands of beanies to donate to the kids at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and other charities.

Over the past 4 years, the group has knitted over 5,000 beanies for different organizations.

Barbara Sellers posted a photo of some of the beanies she (and the group she is in) knitted and, as you can see, there are several different sizes, styles, and colors.

Beanie Brigade via Facebook

Barbara tells me that she found out about the group making the beanies at a cousin’s house in January 2018. In early February of that year, she purchased a knitting loom kit (using Hobby Lobby’s 40 % off coupon the $15 kit was less than $10 and some yarn) and then learned how to knit by following the directions on the back of the kit (and some instructional videos on YouTube).

I asked her how she got the idea to knit beanies for the kids at St. Jude, and that's when she explained that there are "Beanie Brigades" who do just that: they gather together and knit beanies, much like quilters at a quilting bee. Barbara joined a cousin's Beanie Brigade group in Kaplan and has been knitting beanies since.

The Kaplan Beanie Brigade group was started by sisters Tissa Matthews and Annette David Hebert. In the beginning, they would meet at Annette’s house to pick up supplies and then knit at home. Once they had a batch of beanies ready, they would meet again at Annette's to drop them off for transport to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The group is not having meetings right now, but they still drop off finished beanies at a home in Kaplan. Over the past 4 years, the group has grown to over 100 members from all around Acadiana. As you can see in the photo below, members as young as 5 and as old as 87 have knitted for the group!

Beanie Brigade via Facebook

Barbara is no stranger to donating to those in need: I have known her for many years through her family's involvement with an organization that helps kids with disabilities in Vermilion Parish.

I spoke with Annette David Hebert, one of the original founders of the local Beanie Brigade, and she told me that she felt there was a need to help these children and knew that her group of friends could fill that need. It looks like they are doing a great job of filling the need, and not only for St. Jude: the group also makes beanies for the American Heart Association, Heart Strings & Angel Wings, and for kids in local NICUs.

You can help this Beanie Brigade keep up the great work they are doing by making a donation, either in the form of money or supplies. They accept yarn, looms, needles, scissors, large boxes, and gallon- and quart-sized Zip-Loc (or similar) bags. Just search for the "Beanie Brigade" on Facebook!

To Barbara, Annette, and the whole group who make this possible: thank you for donating your time to worthy causes.

Beanie Brigade via Facebook

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