A video of a 9-year-old girl losing control of an Uzi and then accidentally shooting her instructor in the head has been widely circulated across the internet.

It has had several groups up in arms, and it has many wondering, What were the instructor — who is dead — and the girl's parents thinking?

Glen Fleming, who joined "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning" for "Firearms Friday," said he was not happy about the decisions made.

"As a responsible gun owner, part of that responsibility is not giving a little kid a machine gun or a high-powered rifle or a high-powered pistol to watch them flip around while they're trying to shoot it," Fleming said. "That's asinine. That's not being responsible at all."

Part of being a gun owner, Fleming said, is being aware of what you and those whom you choose to teach can handle.

"If you have a cool gun, that's great. Show it off. Don't be stupid with it," Fleming said. "You've gotta be responsible with these things. These guns are not your average little toy."

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