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To say that the Coronavirus Pandemic is politicized on both sides is an understatement of the same magnitude as saying the Titanic had a bit of an issue with ice on it's maiden and only voyage.  Honestly, that's a pretty apt comparison.  While we're all arguing over if we should have to wear masks or not, our infection numbers a going through the roof and our economic numbers are going through the floor.  More calm, rational discussions and scientifically/medically sound advice is what's needed here.

Or, we could take a chainsaw and a cutting torch to the whole thing.  That's literally what Louisiana State Representative Danny McCormick did on a video he posted to his official Facebook page earlier this week.  The republican representative from Oil City compared the face mask mandate issued by Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins to Nazi Germany's Holocaust before lighting a mask on fire and destroying another with a chainsaw.

McCormick also suggests that the mask could be a precursor to bigger and more sinister things.  In the video you can see below, he says:

"Your body is your private property.  If the government has the power to force you to wear a mask they can force you to stick a needle in your arm against your will. They can put a microchip in you. They can even make you take the mark. After all, it's for the greater good."

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