Lafayette City Parish Councilman William Theriot has an item up for discussion as an introductory issue on tomorrow night's council agenda that, if approved through the full process, would allow voters to decide whether or not they want to keep the traffic cameras.  William Theriot tells KPEL, "People are divide over this issue, and it must go to a vote.  I think once it goes to a vote, whatever choice is made, Lafayette can move forward".

The Lafayette City-Parish attorney, Mike Hebert, has said many times that a public vote on the issue of the traffic cameras is prohibited by both local and state law.  Theriot says one of the main reason he would like to see this issue go to a vote is to clarify which law does not allow it.  Theriot tells KPEL, "With the camera vote, the main issue is whether Lafayette citizens can or cannot vote on this issue.  This is a discussion that we should have so that we will know in the future what we can and can't vote on".

Theriot says he is going to continue working on this issue, and tomorrow night, it is only scheduled to be an introductory item.  If it makes it through the full process, Theriot would want the issued to come to vote this fall.  A final council vote on the proposal is scheduled for next month.

Three councilman, William Theriot, Jared Bellard and Andy Naquin authored another measure previously that called for a council vote to end the program.  The council then voted 6-3 against the proposal to kill the program.

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