Lafayette Consolidated Government Council Chairman Jared Bellard told  'Mornings With Ken & Bernie' that the council last night voted 6-3 to extend for four years the RedFlex contract for cameras and vans.


Council Member Andy Naquin proposed extending the RedFlex contract for only a year while William Theriot proposed extending the contract for a two year term.  Both of those efforts were voted down.

With the contract extension RedFlex will be allowed to place cameras at four more intersections and utilize two more speed vans. In addition Bellard said the operation of the Redflex cameras and vans will be turned over to the Lafayette City Police department.  This is a move that may criminalize the tickets issued.  At present the tickets issued by Redflex are considerd to be civil violations therefore cannot be enforced if the violator refuses to pay.

In the past there was a question about bringing the Redflex contract up for a public vote but the issue never came up. According to Bellard at this time such a vote would be considered if, "15% of the registered voters of the city residents would sign a petition to call for a vote."

Listen to the interview:

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