Retailers Caroline and Company and Bourbon Royalty Candle Company have teamed up again this year to help Healing House. For a limited time, the highly sought-after martini glass candles will be available at Caroline and Company located at 1800 Kaliste Saloom in River Ranch, Lafayette. But when they're gone...they are gone. So hurry and get yours. These martini glass candles are the absolute perfect Christmas gift.

Bourbon Royalty Candle Company

Bourbon Royalty Candle Company owners Rusty and Jamie Phillips are donating the entire cost of goods and $15 per candle. When coupled with the cost of each ($29.99) almost $11,000 will be raised for Healing House.

Jamie and I are committed to supporting our local community. We are a small business in Lafayette and we love Acadiana and Healing House. -Rusty Phillips

Lauren Brasseaux

The martini glass candles are exquisitely designed by Lauren Brasseaux. Lauren grew up with a love for art and started Sibley Designs in 2014.

What started as an online custom invitation business has grown to a fine arts gallery and studio in Lafayette's historic Oil Center. -Lauren Brasseaux

The martini glass candle can be beautifully displayed as a candle and once the candle is used, it becomes a beautiful piece of are for having your favorite cocktail. Ingenious!

Martini Glass Candles

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