Citizens who want to make sure their voice is heard concerning a local Lafayette face mask mandate are "ringing the phones off the wall" at the City Council offices at Lafayette Consolidated Government. According to a report from KLFY Television, the Clerk of Council's Office has logged over 2,000 calls on the face mask issue so far.

Veronica Williams, the Clerk of the Council says that each call that comes into her office is logged. Williams said that council members are being informed of what the callers are saying too. Granted, the Clerk of the Council's office is not set up to handle this kind of volume of calls but they are doing it, because it is part of the job.

Williams told KLFY that her receptionist's voice mail had over 750 messages on it when they arrived for work yesterday. She also said that each of those messages would be listened to and forwarded to the proper council member.

The issue of a local Lafayette mask mandate was brought up several weeks ago by two city council members. That effort has been spurred on by a grassroots organization, Mask Up Y'all, who hopes to encourage the Lafayette Councils and Mayor-President Josh Guillory into enacting a local statute to go along with the state mandate that is already in place.

Guillory went on record last week as saying he was not in favor of a local mandate. But according to Jamie Angelle Guillory's Communication Director,

He has not seen a draft or proposal from the council about what they intend to introduce, so it would be premature to discuss what the mayor-president will or will not do. he will take a look at whatever is proposed and go from there.

Two members of the Lafayette City Council Glen Lazard and Nanette Cook reportedly have plans to ask the Lafayette City Council to consider a mask mandate. There has been no word on exactly how a local mandate might differ from the current state-issued mask mandate.

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