The Museum of Fear at the Lafayette Science Museum gets underway this weekend, heralding in the unofficial start of the Halloween season to the Hub City.

Edi Comeaux says they've working since April to get ready for this year's season, and they'll be eliciting shrieks for two additional days. The haunted museum will open its doors Saturday, Sept. 26 and will open every Friday and Saturday until Nov. 1.

"It's an absolute experience," Comeaux said. "It makes people soul search a little bit about what really scares them and about what they really think is horrifying or terrifying."

Tickets are $10, but if you don't feel like waiting in line, you can purchase a Slash Pass for $25 that will send you straight to the front, Comeaux said.

And if the Museum of Fear Facebook page reaches 2,000 likes by Saturday, they museum will give away a prize package that includes four tickets, four Monster drinks, and one Museum of Fear tee shirt, Comeaux said.

As far as the ghosts, goblins, and ghouls, Comeaux would not reveal what to expect, but she suggested finding out for yourself.

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