Your first steps out the front door this morning might find you reaching for your sunglasses. Your steps out of the office or away from a high school football game tonight might find you reaching for your umbrella. Acadiana's weather forecast is certainly a mixed bag of conditions this weekend. The conditions will also be very different depending upon what part of Acadiana you call home.

You probably noticed the nice cool temperatures this morning. These cooler temperatures are a result of a cold front that has now stalled in the northern Gulf of Mexico. The upper level winds, known as the Sub Tropical Jet Stream, are riding right above this system and those winds are going to funneling moisture into the Acadiana area. The close proximity of the frontal system will provide the lift that the atmosphere needs and that will create rain for much of Acadiana south of I-10 late tonight and early Saturday.

The good news is that most of the rain will occur in the late night hours of Friday and into early Saturday morning. The current forecast from KATC TV 3 suggests that most of the rain will be out of the area by Saturday afternoon and Sunday should be magnificent.

If you have been wondering about when the first really crisp cold days of autumn will arrive. You probably won't have to wait much longer. The long range forecast shows that some of the coldest temperatures of the young fall season will arrive in Acadiana on Thursday. We could see overnight low temperatures in the upper 40's by Thursday morning.


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