Congressman Jeff Landry gave President Barack Obama his opinion of  his Jobs Plan last night -- during the actual speech. Landry printed out a small white sign to raise when Obama mentioned how, exactly, he planned to put more Americans to work. It read in big black letters "Drilling(equals)jobs." Landry held it up when Obama acknowledged that Republicans might have ideas different from his $447 billion jobs package. Since Landry was sworn into office earlier this year, he's been a strong advocate for offshore workers and the need for more drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is what Congressman Landry had to say after the President's speech:

"Tonight, we heard yet another speech from the President about what he is going to do to create jobs, but all I heard was the President trying to keep his own job. Bailouts, ‘stimulus’ spending, and debt increases won’t create jobs. Our unemployment rate is the problem, and the solution is simple: drilling equals jobs. By allowing the hard-working people in the Gulf of Mexico to ply their trade, we can save 25,000 jobs. By allowing production in a small portion of ANWR, we can create 250,000 jobs. And by lifting the ban on new offshore drilling, we could create 1.2 million jobs. We must increase domestic energy exploration, expedite the permitting process, and remove the burecratic red-tape and barriers on job creators. Producing domestic energy will create jobs across the country, increase revenue to the federal government, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Mr. President, do the right thing: let us drill."



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