As we have reported on a few times since Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana, wild animals were on the move too.

We have seen alligators, dolphins, huge snakes, cows, and other animals displaced since the massive hurricane hit Louisiana and now we can add deer to the list of animals that were on the move.

A woman in LaPlace, La. posted a photo of deer in her house after the storm and now we know that the deer was removed safely.

Ashley Navarre posted that when she returned to her home after Ida, a deer was waiting to greet her in her home.

Facebook via Ashley Navarre
Facebook via Ashley Navarre

She says that God must have known that she needed a smile after surveying the damage to her home, thus a deer was awaiting.

Since posting photos of the wild animal in her home, many asked how it was removed, and now a video shows authorities safely removing the deer from Ashley's home.

Like many across south Louisiana, animals too were on the move prior, during, and after the storm.

I want to remind you if you have not yet returned to your home since the hurricane hit when you do, proceed with caution. You never know what could be around the corner.

Here's the video of the deer being re-located from the home.



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