No stranger to controversy, golfer Tiger Woods found himself at the center of another mess at The Masters on Saturday when the Augusta National Golf Club's competition committee levied a two-stroke penalty on him for an improper ball drop on Friday. During the second round of The Masters, Woods' shot on the 15th hole landed in the water hazard after hitting the flagstick. Woods took a drop, but he told a reporter after the round that he dropped "two yards" further back from his original shot, a violation of the rule stating golfers must take the drop closer to the site of their original shot.

claimed on Twitter on Saturday that he called and snitched on Tiger.

Imagine if everywhere you went, everyone was talking about the guy your ex-wife was dating? Yeah, you might call and snitch on him, too. Still, it is probably not true. We understand Thomas Vonn's angle. He is almost certainly just poking fun (while Tiger is poking his ex-wife). He did not call The Masters on Tiger Woods.