A Lafayette pet groomer has been issued a summons for animal cruelty after a video depicting harsh treatment to dogs during grooming services there went viral.

Owner Michelle Jeanmard of Pampered Paws and her daughter, Sheri Dugas — the first of two Pampered Paws employees seen in the video (Jeanmard is the second)— will have to face a judge over the claims.

The video depicts separate instances of the two women smacking small dogs during grooming. The dogs can be heard whimpering.

Lafayette Animal Control Supervisor Virginia Lee said although she couldn't disclose much else, this is the second complaint she's received against the business this year.

"We would have liked to investigate (the first complaint), but we were at a standstill," Lee said. "We didn't have ample witnesses."

The video was filmed last fall by a former employee, said Stephen Cooney, who first shared it on his Facebook page.


Cooney is also Jeanmard's ex-boyfriend. She's claiming the video is "the latest attempt to slander and destroy an ex out of jaded spite and hurt feelings," according to a statement she gave KATC.

"The police have been investigating them for threats against us at the business and our homes and even extended family and friends for well over a year now," Jeanmard said in a statement to KATC.

Cooney is defending himself against the claims.

"If they want to say it’s a personal vendetta, they can," Cooney told KPEL this afternoon. "There’s nothing I can do about that. I was not going to continue to remain silent. If nothing else, this will put such pressure on her that she wont be able to abuse dogs anymore."

As the video gained views, the Pampered Paws Facebook page net several comments and bad reviews in reference to the video — but those comments were quickly removed. Commenting has since been disabled from the page. Users are taking to old posts to attack the business, and those comments are getting deleted, too.