After disagreements with her neighbors, Sarah Henderson of Denham Springs, Louisiana set up a Christmas light display on her roof resembling a human hand shooting someone "the bird".  Upset neighbors called the police about the "offensive" display and they allegedly told Henderson that she was breaking the law and would have to remove the lights.  Henderson did take down the display but the Louisiana ACLU responded to reports of the police action and advised Henderson that she was not in violation of any obscenity law.

Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Marjorie Esman of the ACLU said,

The police told her wrongly that she had broken some laws and because she didn't know that laws were not broken she took it down.  But the fact is she didn't break any laws.  The following day the police chief admitted they knew she had not broken any laws.  The question is whether in a free country we can allow the police to come to our homes and browbeat us if we are trying to make a statement that is unpopular.

We asked if any obscenity laws had been broken and Esman replied,

No, if it had, then those obscenity laws would be unconstitutional...the law states it has to do exclusively with exposure of body parts.... Municipalities are not permitted to regulate more strictly.

Listen to the interview:

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