The Louisiana Democratic Party has responded to Gov. Bobby Jindal's statement in support of suspended Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson.

In a written release, Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, chairman of the state party, said, "If we support an entertainer's right to freedom of speech -- and we do -- then we must also support a corporation's right to terminate the entertainer's contract and distance itself from his blatantly offensive comments."

She also accused Jindal of being a hypocrite, saying she was "amused to hear that our governor is now urging tolerance of viewpoints that are unpopular."

Peterson criticized Jindal for dismissing those high-level state employees who have disagreed with him in the past.

"Excuse me governor," Peterson concluded, "but your hypocrisy is showing."

Roberston, the popular Duck Commander, was suspended from the show after making controversial comments regarding homosexuality to GQ magazine.