Would you rather be on a list of Worst States or a list of most fun states? Well, Louisiana clearly is the worst and the best of both worlds.

Just a few weeks ago, Louisiana was literally ranked the WORST state in the country, based on all kinds of metrics. Clearly, though, "fun" was not one of those metrics.

Now, we have a new study that smiles down on the boot state, placing us in the top 20 when it comes to states that have the most fun. The always study-releasing website, WalletHub, has listed the most fun states and they based their ranking off 26 metrics. All metrics revolved around "Entertainment and Recreation".

Averaging out all the metrics, Louisiana landed at number 16 on this "Most Fun" list. Meanwhile, Louisiana compared very well compared to our neighboring states. Texas is the only state who performed better, coming in at number 10. Arkansas ranked number 45, Mississippi came in at 49, and Alabama averaged at number 44.


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