Have you ever found yourself confused on which ride sharing services are authorized to work in your area?  Imagine being able to take an Uber or Lyft somewhere, but not being able to use the same method to get back!  That is literally the case for some Louisiana residents that find themselves living near the border to a parish that has yet to regulate ride-sharing services.  Currently there are only a handful of states with out a statewide policy for that regulates these services.  After clearing the latest legal hurdle, House Bill 575 looks to end that confusion with a uniform set of rules for the entire state.

After one more vote in the House and a trip to the governor's desk for a signature (both of which are expect without much resistance), the proposed bill will become a law.  Once the new rules take effect, you will be able to ride-share across the Sportsman's Paradise and back again with no issues.  According to Houma Today, the proposed regulations also include more rigorous "background screening for drivers and consumer protection provisions such as fare transparency."

In my opinion this is great for folks trying to make money with a side hustle, and folks who need a ride (especially the inebriated) will have way more options.

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