There are personal and very private things that couples share among themselves. When those personal and private things become public it can be rather embarrassing. When those personal and private things are shared on your employer's social media accounts, things really escalate.

Such is the case of now former Executive Director of the Webster Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau Lynn Dorsey. Mrs. Dorsey accidentally posted a risque' video of herself on the CVB Instagram account. This led to her dismissal from that agency on Monday.

However, Mrs. Dorsey is threatening legal action against the CVB for the way it handled the incident. Dorsey's attorney Lydia Rhodes says she is taking her case against the CVB to court for violation of her contract.

Mrs. Dorsey and the commission had entered into a contract, a one-year contract, and that’s what we’re working from.

Rhodes comments were published in a report from the Louisiana Radio Network.

The video of Mrs. Dorsey in a state of undress went live on the Webster Parish CVB Instagram account in December of 2016. She explained that the very personal video was intended for her husband.

The video in question was made while Mrs. Dorsey was on official business in Baton Rouge. The video was shot on a bureau issued smartphone. At the time of the incident, Dorsey claims she was unaware that the video was streaming live on the bureau's social media account.

Rhodes suggested in her comments that she and her client have several issues with the way this incident was handled by the commission.

This took place in December. Here we are in the middle of February, and for some reason, it took two months for the commission to hold a hearing with Mrs. Dorsey.

Dorsey was placed on administrative leave with pay in early January of this year while the incident was being considered by the board.

Dorsey has been at her post in Webster Parish for 12 years. Rhodes suggests that her dismissal will have a negative effect on the businesses that the CVB serves.

The tour attractions, hotels, motels, the restaurants and tours, those are the individuals that are really going to be harmed by the loss of Mrs. Dorsey and the work she’s done for that community.

Dorsey and her attorney have announced plans to take their case to court claiming breach of contract by the Webster Parish CVB



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