Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss state budget cuts that may be unavoidable for the sixth year in a row. According to Kennedy,

The looming budget cuts are important since it is horribly disruptive and not a very responsible way to do things.

Despite that Kennedy fully believes the budget cuts are inevitable for our state, he sincerely hopes that he is wrong.

Kennedy said a bill that was struck down in the Senate would have saved about $4.5 million by cutting 10% of the 19,000 consulting contracts that the state currently has.

There's a lot of money to be saved here, money we could use to reduce taxes, help our universities, and build some roads. Imagine 4.5 million dollars on I-49 South, this would go along way to getting us home.

But Kennedy stated, even though the bill died this year, he will be back again next year and will continue to fight the government's spending,

There are only two rules, families know it and businesses know it:

1. Don't spend more money than you take in.

2. When you do spend your money, spend it on things you really need, don't spend it on things you just want.

You can hear more about what Treasurer Kennedy had to say about the state budget cuts by listening to the interview: