UPDATE: (6/6/24):

The man at the center of the situation involving allegations that he had an inappropriate conversation with someone he thought was a 15-year-old girl, vehemently denies the allegations according to KTAL.

Bill Lunn's attorney issued the following statement Wednesday afternoon. The statement from J. Dhu Thompson is as follows:


“It is our preliminary understanding that this incident was not the result of a law enforcement investigation but rather one done by private individuals. Our primary concern at this time is that law enforcement receives all evidence surrounding this incident so that they can make a thorough and complete review.

“Mr. Lunn has cooperated with authorities and vehemently denies any allegations of wrongdoings. It is our hope that after a thorough review of all the evidence surrounding this matter, that Mr. Lunn will be shown to be innocent and cleared of these allegations.”

ORIGINAL (6/5/24):

Three men who label themselves as predator hunters have sparked an investigation into a television news director after the three had been "catfishing" men who were looking to meet up with underage girls according to a report from KTAL news.

The three men, Antonio Coleman, his cousin, Kameron Kennon, and their friend Kataurio Grigsby have been working over the last few weeks to see who would try to talk to a "15-year-old girl" about sex and try to meet up with her.

Kennon said it was stunning how quickly men were interacting with "the girl". Last Wednesday, they claimed one of the people who had sexual conversations on the night of Tuesday, May 28 and showed up for sex the next day was now former KTBS news director, Bill Lunn.

Assault and Battery
KTAL Photo

On Wednesday, May 29, Lunn called the Shreveport Police Department claiming he was the victim of an assault and battery. When Shreveport Police came to the address in southwest Shreveport, the three men explained they did nothing to Lunn except to tell him what they knew about him and he ran off.

This led to four hours of questioning of the three men and Lunn. Lunn resigned from KTBS as news director and anchor according to the station "amid an ongoing investigation by Shreveport police into possible inappropriate communication with a juvenile."

The young men say they caught ten men who came to the house looking for sex with an underage girl.

As far as former anchor and news director Bill Lunn, he was handcuffed and put into the back seat of a police car while all the questioning was conducted. At the end, of the hours of questioning, everyone was let go but now an investigation has started into what happened with Lunn.

Antonio Coleman says it was crazy when they found out that one of the people they were communicating with on the fake "Meet Me" profile, and when they checked the LinkedIn profile for Bill Lunn it was the same number they were texting with. He even checked Facebook. Coleman says it was Lunn who showed up last Wednesday on his lunch break.

Computer Aided Solicitaiton for Sexual Purposes
KTAL Photo

KTAL says Shreveport Police told them they have an active investigation into Lunn.

Kennon says the Lunn, as he was running away from the scene before police got to the scene, said, "I have a wife and kids".

Lunn resigned from KTBS on Monday.

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